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Nothin goin on.

2009-11-06 22:24:56 by ConduitKing

Hey, pplz (hey/hay is for horses and sometimes for cows lol) nothi goin on feelin fine unlocking medals in turtle toss (awesome game!!) so wats up ppl.


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2010-01-17 21:50:03

Are you truly king at the conduit lol? Cause I'm pretty good :P.

ConduitKing responds:

Yeah i havn't played in a while and im used to the bad graphics and weird controls for wii but yeah. I used know how to do the gun fusion glitch but again i havn't played in forever.


2010-03-28 17:30:05

I finally made a songx2. I used super duper music looper for them both but that was the only thing sitting around the house.


2010-06-21 07:06:04

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